You can apply for the DAO-Partner Program by staking 300 USDT.

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Number of Partnership Applicants

ARIS Address:

Balance: 0 USDT

Balance: 0 $ARIS01

Partner Program

If having not completed tasks before the end of IDO, the 300 USDT will not be returned, and all the benefits below will not be activated.

After claiming 500 $ARIS01, you need to build your team structure of ACP-DAO before $ARIS listing (ACP-DAO binding relations will be confirmed once you send at least 1 $ARIS01 to addresses never get $ARIS01 before)

Once having invited at least 10 IDO participants, your staked 300 USDT will be returned and you are eligible for additional $ARIS IDO allocation worth 200 USDT, and you will get an NFT of ACP (transferrable to others), with which you will enjoy ACP dividends.

6% of every sell trade fee will become dividends distributed to all addresses holding NFT of ACP; NFT Holders can claim it through ACP Dashboard. Claimable dividends for each NFT of ACP = Total Dividends/Number of NFTs